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How did sound the Gershwin songs in the 1920s and -30s, when they were written?
At this time in the USA, there wasn't yet jazz singing. The vocal style of stage singing was characterized by European music of the end of the 19th and early 20th century: Verisme (Puccini, Verdi), Late Romanesque (Mahler) and Impressionism (Debussy, Ravel).
Gerswhin wrote his songs (for women's voices) in high pitch. For example for Gertrude Lawrence, who in 1926 sang the lead role in his first musical "Oh, Kay!" Lawrence sang with charming ease, with a copious late-romantic gesture and with portamenti, as in Puccini. Recording with Gertrude Lawrence "Someone to watch over me" by George Gershwin
Helen Morgan was also an important singer at this time. She sang the leading role in the world premiere of the first musical play "Showboat" (Hammerstein / Kern, 1927). Recording with Helen Morgan "Maybe" by George Gershwin.
The fact that women at that time sang in such a high pitch also had acoustic reasons. A woman's voice in higher pitch without amplification simply got better over an orchestra.
Only since the increasing development of microphone technology female voices were enabled to sing also in lower pitch, especially in dance music and film recordings. As a result, since then songs by Gershwin and other composers of this period were sung by female voices mostly in a much lower pitch, the tempo in some cases was reduced enormously and the songs were provided with arrangements in the style of the time.
This is how a singing style, which we call jazz singing, was born.

This project aims to free Gershwin's songs from the dust of the past decades and make them audible in their original freshness.
As a source, in addition to theoretical considerations served also gramophone recordings, which has been published shortly after the songs were written.
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I'll build a stairway to paradise (1922)
Katharina Micada - vocals
Paul Whiteman Band (1922)
Maybe (1926)
Katharina Micada - vocals
George Gershwin - piano
Do-Do-Do (1926)
Katharina Micada - vocals
Jonathan Geffner - piano
The man I love (1924)
Katharina Micada - vocals
Paul Whiteman Orchestra (1928)
Somebody loves me (1924)
Katharina Micada - vocals
Denny & Rich - piano roll (1924)
Someone to watch over me (1926)
Katharina Micada - vocals
Phil Ohman - piano roll (1926)
I got rhythm (1928)
Katharina Micada - vocals
Victor Arden, Phil Ohman and their orchestra (1930)
'S Wonderful (1927)
Katharina Micada - vocals and piano
Who cares? (1931)
Katharina Micada - vocals and piano
Love is here to stay (1937)
Katharina Micada - vocals and piano
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